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Alain Paine is a very old branch. In 1907, William Paine founded this famous brand of knitwear in Godalming, Surrey. Learning to knit itsef it quickly evolved into a knitting company. He developed some of the very firts twisted knit sweaters ever produced. He was able to sell them to local cricket clubs. In 1920, The activity aimed to provide specialized stores,mainly by adding the Club Color Trim trim to a plain jumper. Twisted knit sweaters are becoming more popular. It is during this decade that the most famous unofficial patron of Alan Paine, the Prince of Wales ( who will become Edward VIII ) , will order his own custom pullovers in the colors of his regiment. 

In 1942, at the beginning of the Second World War, Paines had acquired a reputation so incomparable for the quality of its work that the company was commissioned to make woolen pullovers for the British armed forces, especially the navy. In 1942, Alan Paine had 400 employees in Godalming and 200 in Wales.

Alain Paine takes over Paines of Godalming, he brings the brand back to its roots by opening a store in Godalming. 


In 2009, Alan Paine launched his collection of country clothes, opening two years later at his store located in Italy, in the historic center of Rome, in Campo Marzio.

For the spring summer 2019, they are inspired by their sporting heritage and their summer activities on the water: fresh spring mornings, boat shelters, trophy cabinets and club ribbons, the colors of the boats, the simple ramage in the heat of a summer day, traditions and after club house glow.










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