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PIN 1876

Products by PIN 1876 are currently only available in our stores.
Pin1876 is an Italian brand who creates a line of scarves. The scarf as an iconic accessory which can pass by unnoticed or confer unsurpassed charisma on its wearer, or as a woven contrivance which unites form and function. Pin1876 demonstrates that a simple piece of thread can be the point of departure to experience some unique stories featuring ‘Made in Italy’ products, the finest expressions of a country where the culture of work is combined with an innate sense of beauty, harmony and absolute perfection. Giuseppe Botto Poala, affectionately nicknamed “Pin” by his family, established a woolen mill in 1876 in Valle Mosso in the province of Biella. Skill, craftsmanship and research all converge in the “Pin1876” collection, which offers its own take on contemporary life through the certainty of an authentic and inimitable heritage. Pin1876 is one of the finest expressions of Italian manufacturing, in which the skilled hands of women and men make their own contributions to the long and complex process of creating uniquely appealing, high quality products which are checked and finished individually.