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Sartorio Napoli

Products by Sartorio Napoli are currently only available in our stores.
Sartorio Napoli is an exclusive sartorial brand made by Kiton. Based in Naples, Sartorio Napoli provides Italian-made suits with soft Neapolitan shoulders and hand-finished details. Sartorio Napoli carry on the sartorial perfection of the Neapolitan memory, reinterpreted in a modern, and relaxed, corporate key. Refinement is the engine of all stages of production. Raw materials are the secret of its quality: from fabrics to the most meticulous of accessories, everything is selected according to very high standards. Its products are the result of the interaction between many subjects. The real phase of realization of the collection start with the commitment of all the competences involved: the creative area, the strategic area, the manufacturing production area, the commercial area.