IKIJI was founded by a group of craftsmen from a ward in Tokyo renowned for its artists and craftsmen where the real soul of Edo lives on to this day. Historically, ‘iki’ is the aesthetic of Edo’s common people, where they enjoyed their own personal style and way of being with integrity. IKIJI’s craftsmen inherit the skill and uncompromising ethos of Edo’s artisans – channeling their pride in the smallest details – producing the highest quality products with a design and playfulness suitable for contemporary lifestyles.

IKIJI’s products are made from the finest materials. Each stage of the manufacturing process receives full attention.

The IKIJI logo is based on the tsura-no-kawaume, an image that became popular in the Edo period, which depicts a face on plum petals and means ‘good fortune’. Their hope behind the logo is for good fortune to come to those who wear IKIJI.

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