Revol, the prodigal son of the Drôme, was born of the sacred union of its native land with a family of entrepreneurs whose destiny has been sealed for nine generations. It is in the soil of the region, rich in kaolin, that the porcelain factory drew its reason of being in 1768, and it is to the visionary energy of its successive leaders that it owes its longevity.

From Pierre Revol, who built the company, to now days, the brand has been able to combine a unique know-how with an unquenchable thirst for modernity and novelty. Over the years, Revol has become a reference brand in the world of culinary porcelain and has gradually evolved into a house of excellence, without ever renouncing its original values. In an era when everything is accelerating, Revol is going against the grain, celebrating through its original creations a centuries-old know-how at the service of an exceptional table.

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