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At NEHERA the priority is comfort. Each product is carefully considered, from the rigorous research of materials, to the emphasis on exemplary craftsmanship, such that every item evokes a sense of ease, purpose, and understated elegance. Clothes are first pared back to their essence, reduced and refined to the tenets of utility, to then be imbued with a certain tenderness, warmth, and optimism that has defined NEHERA from the very beginning.

The culture at NEHERA encourages vitality and spontaneity through its dynamic, collective approach to design, while ensuring it’s collections still feel grounded and unassuming. It is the balance between emotive gestures, and restrained classicism, in terms of silhouette or color palette, that results in a unique spectrum of possibility, a wardrobe of potentiality. NEHERA endeavours to establish signatures that are identifiable by way of their subtlety and straightforwardness: products that are wearable, honest, and above all, quietly compelling.

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