Iunx – L’ether de Iunx – 20 mL

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  • Les Eaux de IUNX are deliciously light and deceptively languid. They invite to new gestures of perfuming: you splash it on, drench yourself in it. Our Eaux find their inspiration in a moment, an image, a sensation. Each one has its particular rhythm and its own story, a white shirt basking in the sun, a haze of golden wood…Their extreme simplicity only retains the essentials, the emotion.
  • L’ETHER DE IUNX is a perfume with a slow rhythm, a gentle and warm hazer radiating from a resin fire, a magnetic haze, a breath of wood that slides over the skin, pure and enveloping.

  • Composition: Myrrh, white incense, sandalwood, and rose essential oil

  • 20 mL